Following were part of many testimonials we received:

"Thank you so much for doing the referrence so many times for me. And I did feel in the heart that the training you provided to us is very helpful and I am so grateful about that. I really would like to come to visit you sometime at your convenience. And I will introduce my friends especially my schoolmates to attend the training and let them know it will be so important and helpful in getting some experience to get their first job.  U of T Amanda"

“过去的几个月中,承蒙你帮忙做Reference,我现在在Edmonton一家运输公司做Accountant。非常感谢你的帮忙。 May”

"Thanks so much for your help! Your student: Cindy Dec. 2005."

"I got a terrifice job. I want to say to you THANK YOU so much that you give me chance knew you and studied nearly to you And got the confidence. It is very important. THANK YOU!       Ann"

"So happy I have a good news for you. Finally I got a job which working in "Bank of East Asia", thanks a lot your help to do my reference for all companies I had interview before.         Dickson"

"Thank you very much for your reference. This position is a cost accounting. The company is a very large company and the accounting department has more than 150 people. The company is a public company and its share traded in New York and Toronto Stock market.          Clark"

"Time flies, one month replacement assignment has completed so fast. During past month of this position, though it was quiet challenge, I gain so much more practical experiences than I expected. It was tough to reported three bosses-CEO, Vice President, and Office Manager. Once again, I do appreciate you are as my door opener of finding job.       Jane"

"I got a offer as Tax Assistant in headoffice of Tim Hortons. Thanks for your help.        wyatt"

"There is a good news. I have got another job and I have started working from Thursday. This one too from the agency. I will be working in the A/R department in the downtown. Thank you very much for your help. Working with you on co-op, really helped me a lot to boost my confidence and hoping to get better job in the future.             Shiva"

"After 2 round interviews with CFO, accounting manager and team leader, finally I got a full time intermediate accounting position from the public company Sleep Country Canada head office. It is one of "50 best employer in Canada" in this year. Finally I got what I want, and I am very happy.  Lily"

"I got a job offer with the position of accounting clerk of a mid-size manufacturing company located in Markham. I will start from next Monday. The position requires CGA level 3 or above, working knowledge of ACCPAC, and Canadian accounting working experience. So, I would never got this position without your refernce and help. They are so satisfied with my experience in accounting firm.  Cindy"

"I got the offer and stareted to work from the yesterday. I called you in the morning today and it seemed that you were not in office. Thank you very much for your reference and help.  Gracy"

"Thank you for your reference. I am going to treat you a Chinese big dinner, when you have free time?     Martin"

"I am Nancy, I wish you remenber me. I took your class and actually I got the job. I am grateful for your help and what I learn in your place. This new company uses Quickbooks, however, they are not fully developed and a lot of accounts need to be adjusted..."


"Thank you very much for your kindness. They need to really talk to someone. I already provided them with other reference. And today I was informed I got the job offer successfully. Agnes"

"I am employed at a newspapers and start work next monday. Thank you for your reference. W.Z."

"This is Kathy who practiced in your firm in 2007. Now, I am still working in an accounting firm. If there were no your help, I could not get this job. Thanks a lot. There will be an interview arranged by the federal government on Friday... Kathy"

"First, thank you for everything. I will go to work at XDM next Monday... Victor"

* The names were not shown in full to protect the privacy.